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ICS has built a comprehensive digital credit platform to further our aim of increasing credit availability for small to medium enterprises in Southeast Asia. Both originators of credit and those who fund these requirements can leverage our platform to achieve a secure, robust, low cost and high speed lending capability.
Today, there are several FinTech and Institutions live on the platform to create
a common technology intergration and lay a foundation for scaling up SME credit.

for funders

  • Invest your capital through pre-qualified lending platforms
  • Manage your portfolio, risk, return, impact and diversification criteria
  • Monitor the portfolio and track impact through visibility down to an individual loan

for originators

  • Manage the lifecyle of your loans from end to end
  • Leverage our segment and country specific credit models and decision capabilities
  • Connect with multiple sources of capital for loan book expansion
  • Fully managed CaaS service, or integrate the capabilities you need via API

We are working hard to provide the most seamless credit technology platform in the world. Listening to our customers, we have three simple goals: speed up lending dramatically, reduce the cost of lending, and increase access to credit for SME businesses.
jon austin, chief technology officer